Customer Loyalty Simplified

BeLoyal is a customizable mobile platform that allows merchants to create loyalty programs for businesses. Get a customized  mobile application for your business within 7 days. No upfront investment or POS integration needed. Just plug & play.

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Don't Assume Loyalty

Loyalty is a combination of quality, time and strategy. Give your business an advantage over your competitor. Attract and retain customers by gamifying their purchases and offer rewards to push them to spend more.

BeLoyal offers you a simple yet slick loyalty mobile application for clients and your business that will let you design loyalty program within few minutes, notify your customer latest offers and promotions, location based notification services etc.

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Customizable Features


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Design your Loyalty Program

BeLoyal lets you customize your program based on your business potential and customer segment. Structure the rewards that will benefit your customers and your business alike. You can always measure how the program is performing via the merchant app. Setup your program in minutes and get ready to launch!

Performance Analytics

Measure how your rewards are working and optimize based on numbers, not guess work. Get instant feedback on how many customers are actively using rewards. Customize your offers for your power users and bump up rewards for irregulars.

Send Customized birthday message or Christmas promotional offers to your loyal customers within a click of a button. Choose the content that works with your customer.

Brand Your App

We know that every cafe has a unique story and a character. Let the app reflect the same.

iOS & Android

Why settle for one platform when you can have two for the same cost? Get iOS & Android apps and reach out to all your customers without any compromise.


Keep track of your business goal with a personal merchant app! You can stay updated and constantly evaluate your program.

Customer Database

Data is good! Establish a personal connect with your customers. To authenticate your customer we store information such as Age, gender, location, email addresses that will help you categorize your customer.

Push Notifications

Connect with your users even when they are not around using custom push notifications. Reach out to them for attractive offers, discount or Birthday presents.

No Training Required

Loyalty is a team work. Our platform requires no prior training or system knowledge to start with the program.

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Do you have any questions? Do you need us to help you plan and tailor your loyalty program? Do you want to know how BeLoyal could help take your business to the next level? Get in touch with us.

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